Special Celebrations

Special Celebrations ie. Easter etc help co-ordinate special needs at various masses.


Sacristan duties include - Preparation of Altar before masses (Designated parishioner according to monthly Roster.) - Looking after of the Alter cloths, corporals, purifacators and palls etc (laundry)
                                            - Keep the Sacristan cupboard tidy


Readers - To ensure the readers prepare for their dutues as readers at mass.
               - Readers must make sure of the reading for that particular mass.

Eucharist Ministers

Eucharist Ministers  - To ensure that they are available for their duties and if necessary find replacements
                              - Eucharist ministers will be selected by invitation only (FR ZABA)

Altar Servers

Altar Servers - Nigel du Trevou is a sub-committee member and ensures that the Altar servers get relevant training

The Sick

Communion/Sick  - This is not only for the old and frail but also for any parishner who is ill and cannot attend mass
                           - Ensure we have Eucharist Ministers to visit the sick


Flowers  - Gail O'Shea maintains the Duty Roster and informs me of any queries.


Roster  -  Colaborate with Mike O"Connor on composition.